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World of Z88 CD-ROM

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World of Z88 CD-ROM - emulators and more for the Cambridge Z88

If you have ever wanted to try out the Z88 on Windows, under an emulator, or to obtain a wealth of public domain software and information for the Cambridge Z88 (without having to scour the internet), the World of Z88 CD-ROM, compiled by Andy Davis, Darren Branagh and Rich Mellor) is just the ticket.

The current release is v1.12, which includes numerous additional software items and CLI files, including a further patch to BBC BASIC to provide an Epson screen dump.  Updates to the current release cost 3 plus postage - simply return your original CD.  Updates to the current package are listed at the bottom of this page.

This CD-ROM contains a vast collection of software for the Z88 (and PC utilities connected with the Z88).  It includes the entire collection of the Z88 User Group Software Library (usual cost 15), and files from the United States Z88 User Group library, as well as copies of the Z88 AlchNews magazine (issues 22 to 32).

Documents on the CD include the complete Z88 service manual, wiring up leads to connect to the serial ports and a modem, developers notes on the OZ operating system (up to OZ3) and the Z88 source book.

There is a mass of EPROM image files which can be downloaded to the Z88 and then programmed onto your own EPROMs (we can supply new EPROMs), including the Z88 Forever Collection, which includes the latest Z88 applications.

For users without access to a Z88, two Z88 Emulators, Z88Dream and Win Z88 are included for use under Windows, plus a DOS based Z88 emulator.  Files which can be loaded into these emulators can be easily created using the Romcombiner program, also supplied, or transferred from the PC's drives direct to the emulated EPROMs, using Win Z88.  Further Windows applications allow you to transfer files, read BASIC programs and PIPEDREAM files directly.  There is even a full tutorial on programming in BBC BASIC and a shareware version of BBC Basic for Windows, which allows you to edit small BASIC files.

A wide range of games and utilities is also included, for example:  Jet Set Willy, Manic Miner, Sir Lancelot Z88, Z88 Chess, adventures, Camelforth, and zip utilities.  There are also programs which allow you to transfer files between the Z88 and other computers (although a suitable lead is required).

For machine code buffs, there is even a Z80 emulator for Windows and a cross-assembler to allow you to write Z80 machine code on other machines (Amiga/Sinclair QL/DOS and Unix), a DOS based program to disassemble Z88 machine code and a set of assembly tools to run on the Z88 itself.  There is even a program to allow you to create Z88 C programs under Windows. 

Only 10 including UK post and packing