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Cambridge Z88 Keyboard Repairs

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As  the Cambridge Z88 portable computer gets older, in common with many Sinclair products, its keyboard has begun to fail.  The first sign of the keyboard failing is invariably it becomes harder to switch the machine on and off with the switch keys.  Problems such as this are normally caused by a fault in the keyboard membrane which contains a switching mechanism for each key.  Normally, part of the conductive layer wears away and certain keys will no longer work.

Invariably, the rubber keyboard mat will also wear with time and the rubber degrades, so that it does not make a good contact with the membrane, or the rubber cracks and splits.  The only solution to this is to also replace the keyboard mat at the same time as the keyboard membrane.

Replacement is a fairly simple procedure, and most peopl

e armed with a Phillips screwdriver can do this in a few minutes.  See the following illustration (thanks to Rakewell for this).

Layout of a Z88 keyboard

Although replacement rubber keyboard mats are no longer available, we have been able to obtain a short production run of replacement keyboard membranes for the Cambridge Z88 and these are now available to purchase through - the trading site for retro computer enthusiasts.  Cost is just 22 plus post and packing.