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Cambridge Z88 Flash EPROM

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Z88 Flash EPROM - low cost storage at last !

The Cambridge Z88 Flash EPROM by Rakewell Limited is an innovative solution to the problem of data storage on the Z88 Computer, fitting into the third slot on the Z88.

This Flash EPROM provides 1Mb of storage space, at breakneck speeds.  The EPROM can be formatted by the Z88 itself in just 10 seconds, (no need for a separate EPROM eraser).  Saving and loading files is over 40 times faster than the standard EPROM pack - the speed is 6.6K/sec compared to 0.16K/sec, meaning a 10Kb file takes just 2 seconds to copy.  However, just like the original EPROM packs, the Flash EPROM does not lose its data when it is removed or if power is lost from the Z88.

It also uses less power than standard EPROM packs.   Files can be deleted from the Flash EPROM singly or completely with the format command.

A BASIC program is provided on the card to allow immediate use of Format, Catalogue, Save, Fetch and Restore all files.

Only £70 plus £5 post and packing (in the UK)