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We have the widest range of second hand software, hardware and books available anywhere for the Sinclair QL. Please see our lists below for the items currently available from our depot (although please check that they are still in stock before ordering).

If you have an original Sinclair QL or you are a retro collector, looking for original software to add to your collection of Sinclair QL memorabilia, then you will need to look for software items on microdrive cartridge.  We do also offer a range of expansion cards to provide an original Sinclair QL with disk access (necessary if you want to share data with an emulator) and are happy to assist with transferring software from microdrive to disk.

Unfortunately, the main problem with microdrive software is that over time, the tapes become un-reliable and much of the second hand software sold today is untested and will not work on a Sinclair QL.  For that reason, we only sell fully tested and working versions of this software and there may be a delay between making an enquiry and receiving your order so that we can re-test the software and make a backup copy which we will happily provide.

We are always happy to provide refunds and after sales assistance with getting this software to work on your QL should you have any problems upon receipt.

We now list all of our second hand software on the auction website which specialises in retro computers.