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We have the widest range of second hand software, hardware and books available anywhere for the Sinclair QL. Please see our lists below for the items currently available from our depot (although please check that they are still in stock before ordering)

If you are looking for a Printer, for the Sinclair QL (or ink for a printer), please see our separate second hand Printers page. You will need a centronics interface in order to connect the QL to a standard centronics (parallel port) printer, although you may be able to find a serial printer, in which case you need only find a QL serial printer lead. We also supply a wide range of new and public domain software for the Sinclair QL under our RWAP Software label and can even supply a kit to link a Sinclair QL to the Cambridge Z88 portable computer.

We supply a wide range of hardware, from keyboards, replacement ROMs, original Sinclair QL computers, memory expansions and disk interfaces, including the ever popular Toolkit II EPROM.  We have a separate page devoted to the expansion options for a Sinclair QL, showing how to add extra memory and disk drives, to provide you with access to the latest software available today. We can also offer NEW replacement keyboard membranes for the Sinclair QL computer (manufactured 2006).


Second Hand Items - Testing and Shipping

 All items are listed exclusive of post and packing.  Our second hand items are in good condition (unless stated) and are all fully tested before shipping.  We ensure that they are well protected against the rigours of parcel delivery and send them by Royal Mail First Class post, Parcelforce 48 hour delivery (in the UK) or Parcel2Go (whichever is the cheaper option - Parcel2Go tends to be a lot cheaper for larger items).

Although we attempt to keep this list as current as possible, please check on availability of any item prior to ordering. We also offer a 14 day money back warranty on all goods (excluding shipping charges), provided that they are returned in the same condition and packaging.

Second Hand Sinclair QL Hardware for Sale

Sinclair QL Systems

Various Fully Tested Standard Sinclair QL computers (tell us preferred ROM version) includes all port covers PSU, and TV lead £75

QL Operating System ROM Upgrades

We can supply the UK versions of the JM and AH ROM sets for £10 each - please contact us with your requirements.

Memory Expansion and Storage Solutions / Disk Interfaces

All forms of external memory expansion help to make the original Sinclair QL run much quicker than the original design.  However, only cards such as the Miracle Systems Gold Card and Super Gold Card which replace the original 68008 processor with a 68000 or 68020 chip respectively can show the true speed of the original QL.  Both offer much greater memory and are essential to allow you to run the latest and best operating system ever released for the QL, namely SMSQ/e.  Please also note that all disk interfaces support only DD 3.5" (720K) disk drives or 5.25" disk drives, except for the Gold Card and Super Gold Card which also support 3.5" HD (1.4Mb) and ED (3.2Mb) disk drives.

Miscellaneous Hardware for the Sinclair QL

Centronics Printer Interface plugs into the standard QL (BT style) serial port £10

Disks and Microdrive Cartridges

Transform ZX Microdrive Storage Box to hold 20 Microdrive cartridges £2
Box of 10 x 3.5" DSDD Disks (720Kb - new) - Box of 10 Disks £7.50
Box of 10 x 5.25" SSDD Disks (new) - Box of 10 Disks £7.50

We also carry a range of spare chips, leads, PSUs and the keyboard assemblies, including replacement Sinclair QL keyboard membranes. If you have a Sinclair QL computer and are missing anything from it, such as key tops, port covers, leads or the plastic feet, we have all of these available for around £1 each plus post and packing.
Please contact us with your requirements.

Post and Packing is extra - please check before ordering