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We have the widest range of second hand software, hardware and books available anywhere for the Sinclair QL. Please see our lists below for the items currently available from our depot (although please check that they are still in stock before ordering)

These books and programming guides vary in usefulness, from the beginner to the expert and cover a wide range of topics, including programming the Sinclair QL, using the Psion programs (Archive, Abacus, Quill and Easel) and creating hardware projects, or games on the QL.  The machine code books are especially popular with users, showing you how to create simple machine code utilities, which can be added as new keywords to the Sinclair's SuperBASIC language.

The original Sinclair QL manual (the Sinclair QL User Guide) remains useful, covering keywords, concepts, hardware and the use of the Psion business programs.  However, for a more in-depth guide to using the QL and the changes (including toolkits) which have become popular over the past 25 years, we would recommend that you consider our own SBASIC / SuperBASIC Reference Manual which contains over 1000 pages and covers so much more.

Second Hand Sinclair QL Books for Sale