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The Commodore 64 personal computer was released in 1982 and proved one of the most popular early colour computers.  It was commonly referred to as the C64 and was developed from the earlier Vic-20 and Commodore PET - its successor, the ever popular Amiga is covered here.

The Commodore 64 offered 64K of RAM (more than the highest memory offered by its closest competitor, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and its sound and graphics were equal to those of the Spectrum.

Fixed Price Repairs for the Commodore 64 /Plus-4/Amiga

We have now made arrangements to provide easily accessible repairs for your favourite machine.  Repairs are undertaken at a fixed price of £35 plus parts and return post and packing.  On receipt of your order, we will inform you of the address where to send the item (UK based) and once the item has been tested we can provide details of the total cost of the repair.  Items are all returned using DHL courier for security and speed - allow 2 weeks for any repair. 

The repairs also come with a three month warranty - button below secures your repair with UK return postage.  Please supply your telephone number when ordering.


Second Hand Items - Testing and Shipping

All items are listed exclusive of post and packing.  Our second hand items are in good condition (unless stated) and are all fully tested before shipping.  We ensure that they are well protected against the rigours of parcel delivery and send them by Royal Mail First Class post, Parcelforce 48 hour delivery (in the UK) or Parcel2Go (whichever is the cheaper option).

Although we attempt to keep this list as current as possible, please check on availability of any item prior to ordering.  We also offer a 14 day money back warranty on all goods (excluding shipping charges), provided that they are returned in the same condition and packaging.

All of our second hand items for the Commodore C64 are now available exclusively through - the trading site for retro computers.