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RWAP Software supply a wide range of new and used items for the older type of computers.  Although we concentrate mainly on Sinclair computers, we sometimes have a stock of miscellaneous items for other computers, including Amstrad PCW and PC, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and Acorn Archimedes. 

We now list all of our items on the retro computing trading platform - SellMyRetro

LocoScript Software still support the Amstrad PC and PCW machinesIf you are looking for items for the Amstrad PC or PCW machines and cannot find anything on our website, then please try LocoScript Software who still support many of these computers and have a wide range of items (many of which are not listed on their website), including upgrades to Locoscript.  They are also able to offer disk conversion to allow you to read older disks on Windows PC's or other computers, as well as providing replacement computers and a link package to enable easy transfer of files to a PC.  They can also advise on adding a replacement printer to an Amstrad PC or PCW machine - please also see our own second hand Printers page.

Fixed Price Repairs for the Acorn Electron, Acorn BBC and other Retro Computers and Consoles

We have now made arrangements to provide easily accessible repairs for your favourite machine.  Repairs are undertaken at a fixed price of £25 plus parts and return post and packing.  On receipt of your order, we will inform you of the address where to send the item (UK based) and once the item has been tested we can provide details of the total cost of the repair.  Items are all returned using DHL courier for security and speed - allow 2 weeks for any repair. 

The repairs also come with a three month warranty - button below secures your repair with UK return postage.  Please supply your telephone number when ordering.


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