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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Were printers ever easy?

A recent request from a customer has brought some frustration my way I must admit. He wanted a colour printer to use with his ZX Spectrum and Sinclair QL so I provided the Epson Stylus Colour 850. After a little soul searching, I came up with how to print a screen dump in colour from the QL - you need Toolkit II and a small program SDUMP_REXT (the SDUMP commands are already built into the Trump Card, Gold Card and Super Gold Card).

Easy if a little slow - now you just do
LRESPR mdv1_sdump_rext
SDP_DEV ser1
SDUMP 512,256,0,0

and hey presto.

However, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum is a different kettle of fish. I have tried numerous interfaces, including the PlusD's built in centronics interface, and all I seem to get is black and white screen dumps. I am told that I may need to find some more software, but looking on the worldofspectrum archives, cannot find anything suitable for any of the 6 different printer interfaces I have, including the Kempston one. Maybe I am just missing the manual for the ZX LPRINT III or maybe it's that no-one ever produced a colour screen dump for an Epson printer to run on the ZX Spectrum.

Come on - someone must know something and managed this in the past !!


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