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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Super Gold Card and Gold Card up for grabs

We are running a closed bid auction for a fully tested and working
  • 1 x Miracle Systems Gold Card (2MB RAM, 68000 Chip, Disk Interface, Parallel Interface)
  • 1 x Miracle Systems Super Gold Card (4MB RAM, 68020 Chip, Disk Interface, Parallel Interface)
They have been tested and come complete with photocopied manuals.

We have decided that we will invite closed bids to purchase each item. We are inviting offers over UKP:100 for the Gold Card and offers over UKP:150 for the Super Gold Card (these figures are a substantial discount over the last ones sold on ebay!).

Closing date will be 12pm British Summer Time on 8th May 2007.

The cards will be sold to the highest bid for each card recieved by that date (subject to the interfaces being tested).

If you wish to bid for either item, please send an email to (remove nospam word) with either:

"Gold Card Bid" or "Super Gold Card Bid" as the subject, and with details of your offer.


Terms and Conditions

1. No bids received after 8th May 2007 12pm (BST) will be considered.
2. The highest bid for each item will be deemed to be the winner. However, if someone bids on both items and wins both, then they will have the option to only purchase one item.
3. Post and packing (and insurance) will be added to the highest bid and payment must be made by PayPal, Nochex, or Google Checkout to before 12th May 2007, otherwise it will be offered to the next highest bidder.
4. We reserve the right to withdraw the items from the bidding process should they prove to be non-working during testing.
5. The decision of RWAP Software and the Quanta treasurer as to the winning bid will be final.

If you have any questions, please email us at with "GC/SGC Bid Query" as the subject.


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