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Friday, August 31, 2007

Hmm not too much happening here in the Sinclair world - I have put a few more things on ebay for the Sinclair QL under rwap_services user name - just do a search for Sinclair QL on ebay, and you will find some ROM cartridges and a complete ICE package, going for a song.

I am still waiting on delivery of the last batch of DivIDE Plus interfaces - dratted post office do take some time to deliver a small parcel from Poland, so in the meantime, I have invested in upgrading my television package to Sky.

At least it means that i am not limited to a handful of channels available on Freeview in the local area (no ITV or Channel 4 on freeview around here), and I could make use of the existing satellite dish and cabling, so all I needed was a set top box and a viewing card.

It does make me laugh though, when you look back 10 years, people expected TV to be free (except for the television licence) and moaned if their telephone bill was over £100 for the quarter. Nowadays, most homes have a telephone line (£11pm), a mobile phone (ave. £35pm), internet (£15-£18 pm) and a digital TV package (on Sky this starts at £15pm up to £45pm). Cable can look to be a cheaper option, with the basic Digital TV and telephone rental at £16.50pm, and better broadband, but then you look at the cost of making telephone calls, and add in the fact that there are so many more channels on the basic Sky system (including Sky One), and much better, faster interactive and think maybe, just maybe satellite might be an option (not as if you have a lot of choice if you are not in a cable area).

At least Sky have now changed their pricing structure, so you can choose the different packages to make up your TV choice, and you get free broadband and evening and weekend telephone calls, then £15pm does not seem all that bad. Have a look at the Sky Digital comparison page

The one thing that did surprise me, was that even with our rural location, we can still get Sky Broadband for nothing !!

Well worth a try I guess.

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