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Sinclair ZX80 - the first real home computer

The Sinclair ZX80 was one of the first real home computers - it was supplied in kit form only to home electronics enthusiasts and was fairly easy to build up into a fully working computer, complete with built in BASIC interpreter, Z80 processor and a massive 1K RAM (random access memory).  It was the first in a line of computers from Sinclair Research (developed by the British inventor, Sir Clive Sinclair), to be released onto the market and they all eventually built up a devoted following, despite the infamous Sinclair delivery date of "28 days" (which could be anything up to 6 months).

The Sinclair ZX80 was an all-white computer, although both a white and a black PSU were released for it (both bear the markings Sinclair ZX80).  A 1K, 3K and 16K RAM pack were soon to follow, again released initially in white.  The 16K RAM pack was later released in black.  However, the white PSU and RAM pack are especially rare, mainly due to a large number of returns of the white RAM pack.

The standard Sinclair ZX Printer released primarily for the ZX81 computer, also worked with this model, although the power supply was insufficient and a newer 1.2A power supply unit was released for use with the printer - unfortunately, neither the printer, nor this bigger power supply were ever released in white.

If you are looking for information on the ZX80, including emulators and downloads, a good place to start would be the ZX81 webring, although you may also want to leave a message on our Wanted Page.  Unfortunately, items specifically aimed at the ZX80, are very difficult to find, especially in view of the fact that Sinclair released the more popular ZX81 the following year.

Sinclair ZX80 Keyboards

We are now selling brand new replacement Sinclair ZX80 Keyboards, with the integrated touch key keyboard.  These are just an adhesive layer which sticks to the switches built into the actual Sinclair ZX80 motherboard, and is a complete replacement for the original keyboard layer.  Manufactured to the highest standards and supplied with full fitting instructions.

ZX81 Replacement Keyboard Membranes for sale

Sinclair ZX80 Keyboard
Currently Out of Stock