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RWAP Services has a reputation for recycling old software and hardware - bringing it back on the market for the benefit of all Sinclair computer users (ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, QL, and the Z88). This is just one example of our commitment to the environment.  We also develop our software in a modular style, allowing us to re-use old routines which have long been tested and proven, thus reducing development time and saving energy.

We also try to save energy and resources as much as possible by only switching on equipment when strictly needed, making the most of natural light and using energy saving bulbs where practical. We have also placed our electricity supply on a green tariff whereby for every unit of electricity used, our supplier agrees to buy one unit from a renewable source (ask your electricity supplier if they operate such a Green Energy scheme - it costs a very small premium for wide environmental benefits). 

Other steps which we take towards being caretakers of the environment are:

  • Reducing car journeys as much as possible and when we do make car journeys, stick to the speed limits and use gentle acceleration and braking to prolong the life of the car and to ensure fuel efficiency.  

  • Conserving water, by using rainwater for the garden and only running taps for short periods, making certain that taps are not left to drip overnight. 

  • Purchasing energy efficient devices where we can and ensure that we use them as efficiently as possible (for example only filling a kettle with the water we need; and using thermostatic controls for our heating).  

  • Ensuring our premises are well insulated.

  • Our commitment to the environment also extends to actively recycling as much as practicable and keeping a range of second hand items for the benefit of the computer community.

These policies not only allow us to contribute positively to the environment, but also to save money and live in comfortable surroundings.

The owner of RWAP Services (Rich Mellor) has also been actively involved for several years in practical conservation work with the Trust for Conservation Volunteers (TCV) carrying out works necessary to maintain footpaths, woodlands, hedgerows and waterways, using traditional methods of working wherever possible, providing training and leading residential working holidays. We feel that such work is imperative in order to reduce man's impact on the environment and to set solid foundations for future generations, as well as maintaining traditional methods of working.

If you are want to give something back to the environment, there is nothing better than a bit of conservation volunteering although it is sad to note that TCV no longer run their conservation working holidays which were a mainstay of our own conservation efforts over at least 10 years.

We are happy to provide hedge-laying services (season October-March) using traditional hand techniques (billhooks and bowsaws) in the Staffordshire Moorlands district, including around Stone, Stafford and Stoke-On-Trent.  If you are interested in learning how to hedge-lay, coppice or fell small trees (up to 2 foot diameter) on your own small-holding or farm, we are happy to provide a weekend's instruction and training at a low rate - contact us for a quote.