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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Living up to our promises

As promised earlier in the year, we have secured a small supply of Plus-D floppy disk interfaces for the ZX Spectrum - we have some second hand disk drives to go with them and are pleased to say that they even have the parallel interface built in which proved so useful on the original model. We have tested them and find them to be of a very good quality, and for £48 you get the interface, centronics lead and printed manual as well as a 12 months guarantee.

We have even spoken with Miles Kinloch and received his permission to release the expanded ROM (v1b) for the interface. We are currently talking with Betasoft (Andy Wright) to see if they will also release Betados which has a lot of additional features over G+DOS - these will both be available as optional extras if agreed.

Have a look at: for details of all our storage options for the humble ZX Spectrum - now you can be truly freed from cassettes !!


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