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Monday, April 17, 2006

The downfall with Sinclair computers has always been related to the keyboard - that is why so many suppliers provided alternatives. However, if you want to keep your Spectrum or QL working in original condition, you will often find that you need to replace a keyboard membrane when a key or two stop working.

The good news was that in 2003 we managed to get a new production run of QL keyboard membranes which had long been out of production.

Now a new challenge faces us. The original ZX Spectrum (16K and 48K) used a rubber keyboard mat which had various keywords emblazened on it - this mat is also surrounded by a metal faceplate which has the Sinclair 3 stripe logo and the remainder of the keywords. The mat tends to get discoloured with use and the keywords can wear badly. The plate gets scratched and dented and is missing from some people's machines.

Unfortunately, we sold the last faceplate a couple of years ago and now we are running desparately short of the rubber keyboard mats - we are down to the last box of 20, so if yours is starting to look a bit haggard, you had better order a replacement soon - none of the usual suppliers have any more stock either!!

We are still looking for a manufacturer for these parts - if you know of one willing to make them in small quantities (max 500 units), then please get in touch - it would benefit the whole Spectrum community.


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