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If you are looking for a compatible printer for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, please see our separate second hand Printers page - unless you purchase a ZX Printer, serial printer or similar, you will need a centronics interface (also known as a serial to parallel converter) to connect the Spectrum to a standard centronics printer - these can either take the form of an interface which plugs into the ZX Spectrum's expansion port, or a serial to parallel converter which can be used with the serial port provided on a ZX Interface 1. 

The ZX Spectrum +2a, +2b and +3 systems are different, in that although they have a built in serial port and centronics port, the centronics port requires the use of an AMSOFT PL-1 printer connecting lead, or an Amstrad DMP printer. They also do not support the ZX Interface 1. The other option for these latter systems would be to use a serial to parallel converter plugged into the built-in serial port - we have tested those manufactured by Miracle Systems for the Sinclair QL and can confirm that these work with this port.

The Spectrum +2 can be connected to a serial printer using its in-built serial port or via the ZX Interface 1 (although you will need the correct lead).  We also understand that a printer built for the original ZX Spectrum and which plug into the expansion port (for example the Timex 2040 or the Sinclair ZX Printer) can be used in the 48K BASIC mode. It does not have a built-in centronics port as appears on the +2A and later models.  However, we are investigating this, as the serial to parallel converters manufactured for the QL do not appear to work with the built-in serial port on this model, due to it being wired differently to those on the +2A, +2B and +3 models.

We can also offer NEW replacement keyboard membranes for both the original 48K rubber key Spectrum and the Spectrum +/128K computers.

Second Hand Items - Testing and Shipping

All items are listed exclusive of post and packing.  Our second hand items are in good condition (unless stated) and are all fully tested before shipping.  We ensure that they are well protected against the rigours of parcel delivery and send them by Royal Mail First Class post, Parcelforce 48 hour delivery (in the UK) or Parcel2Go (whichever is the cheaper option - Parcel2Go tends to be a lot cheaper for larger items).

Although we attempt to keep this list as current as possible, please check on availability of any item prior to ordering.  We also offer a 14 day money back warranty on all goods (excluding shipping charges), provided that they are returned in the same condition and packaging.

All of our second hand ZX Spectrum items are now listed on