SuperBASIC Online Manual

Welcome to the Online SuperBASIC Manual web page. Things have changed around here recently, the docs that you are looking for have moved to a new home. See below for details.

I Only Want to Read This Stuff!

If all you need to do is view the docs, then for quick and dirty online reading, go to and read on. See 'Viewing Online' below for more stuff you can do here.

Viewing Online

Down the left sidebar, you will see the following:

At the bottom of the TOC, you may see "Read the Docs" and "v:latest" with a down arrow. If you click anywhere in the box holding these pieces of text, you will get a menu of options that allow you to:

Also shown are options to:

And finally, a link to the Read The Docs home page - which is well worth a look at as there are lots of online manuals to be found here.

I Might Want a Little More Effort!

If you want a little more involved work, then go to the project page at where you will see the following "button bar" near the top of the page:


This is where you are right now! However, if you are on one of the other pages, this button takes you back here.


Grab yourself a copy of the docs in HTML, PDF or Epub format. There will be a download for all (built) versions of the docs. You are really only interested in the "Latest" versions. "Working" is where I/we do updates etc, and test them. Once finished, they get merged into the Latest version of the docs.


Allows you to carry out an online search of the manual.


Shows the status of all the (recent) builds of the various versions of the docs, whether they worked or not, and when they were done. Etc.


Shows the available versions of the docs, and allows you to view them online. Currently Latest and Working are available.

Edit the Sources

Probably best you don't do any editing in my repository! I'm not sure if you need to have a GitHub account and be logged in, or even if you will be allowed to edit files within my repository. Best you avoid this altogether. Fork the GitHub repository, make your edits and generate a PULL request and I'll do the updates for you. It's safest this way (I think).

What You Might Need to Build Stuff

So, you want to build some docs, on your own PC? Here is a list of the software I've used to create the version you are reading (or are about to)...

Good luck!