Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Sinclair QL Items listed on SellMyRetro.com including some rare items.

We have been busy sorting through our stocks in preparation for the Sinclair QL Show and Quanta AGM in Birmingham on Sunday 18th April 2010 (see www.quanta.org.uk for details).

As part of the clearout, we have listed some more items on sellmyretro.com, including the following:

JS ROM Sinclair QL as new - fully working
JM ROM Sinclair QL - exceptional example.

A rare 256K external expansion card - unknown make (does anyone recognise it?)
Various Miracle System external floppy disk drives, including the rare single disk drive and a dual ED disk drive providing the QL with up to 3.2MB of storage on a floppy disk!

Original Software including:
Sinclair QL Karate,
QL Scrabble
American version of the Psion Sinclair QL Software

All items are fully tested and working and you can find a whole lot more items for the Sinclair QL listed on SellMyRetro.com



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