Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have recently been passed a couple of Dragon 32 computers and quite a bit of software for sale and this proved to be my first ever look at this machine.

Reminiscent of the TRS-80, but with 4 colour support, it runs an early Microsoft BASIC and oddly lacks lower case characters!  However, bearing in mind that it was first sold in 1983, it was probably one of the first home computers to have a built in rom cartridge socket, as well as being able to load programs from tape.

The games are not too bad for it - although they do suffer from lack of colours - and the sound is quite good (based on the AY-8192 chip).

Overall, the main downside is the lack of memory (only 24K available once it is running) and you wonder why the case has to be so big for the computer (maybe to suggest that the computer was a lot more complicated than it was in reality).  At least they used a Motorola 6809 chip, which is faster than the Z80 in common use at the time.

I guess it was a shame that the company, Dragon Data Limited went out of business all too soon, as the computer shows that they had some very good ideas.

I have now started to list these items on the retro trading website - if anyone is looking for items.


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