Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We have started some more collaborative work to bring additional products to the market.

Sinclair ZX81 News

First of all, following our successful launch of replacement keyboard membranes for the Sinclair ZX81 is software for the Sinclair ZX81, which has mainly come about as a result of the ZX80/ZX81 forums.

Details and downloads are available from our Sinclair ZX81 software page.  This includes example programs showing how to achieve hi-resolution graphics on the Sinclair ZX81 - you need to make a very minor modification to your 16K (or larger) memory pack and install some HRG drivers from the internet.  You can then achieve graphics such as shown here.

We have then started discussions on possible future projects for Sinclair ZX81 hardware, including an SD/MMC card reader, to allow you to load software instantaneously on the Sinclair ZX81, in a similar vein to the DivIDE Plus on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.  We are also considering a ZX81 AY interface, building on from our experience with the Zaxon AY Sound Interface for the ZX Spectrum.

At the moment, we are asking people to contact us to let us know of their interest in the projects and to help us prioritise - if you have any ideas / suggestions as to the best way to implement these projects, then we would love to hear from you.

Details appear on our Sinclair ZX81 Projects Page.


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