Sunday, December 13, 2009

What a difference a host makes As we have added more auction items to our website -, we had become increasingly disappointed with the performance of the site. We looked at the worst performing areas of the Enuuk auction platform code and managed to shave about 70% off the time to generate some of the pages -essential now that we have added a wiki to each category - our skills from programming the Sinclair ZX81 and QL really showing off there on how to squeeze the last ounce of speed out of a system. However, the pages were still terribly slow - we therefore took the plunge to try a different web hosting company and having looked at the competition and features provided, decided to use MagmaHost, which must be one of the best hosts around for running PHP based websites. Not only did the page loading times get slashed by around 90%, but we found the MagmaHost allow you to load additional PEAR packages. It also comes with Zend Optimiser and eAccelerator ready installed to truly drive the best out of the PHP interpreter. Well worth the switch - we wish we had known about MagmaHost earlier.

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