Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Software Titles were published for the Sinclair QL? We are continuing to build on the list of software titles published for the Sinclair QL home computer and to incorporate details, with screenshots into the Sinclair QL Wiki To date we have uploaded details on: Arcade Games This includes all of the software written by Janko Mrsic Flogel for the Sinclair QL Alien Hijack - 3D Graphical Adventure by Chisoft. Baron Rouge - game where you fly a small monoplane shooting enemy planes and air ships BJ in 3D Land - platform game, follow up to BJ Returns, but this time in a 3D world BJ Returns - platform game, follow up to QL Caverns Citadel - arcade game - overhead flying - similar to Metropolis Eagle - A scramble type clone - fast and furious Hyperdrive - Formula 1 Car Racing Game Karate - Beat em up - you need to beat your opponents in Karate M-Cosmic - a Graphic Adventure game M-Crunch - a game based on Pacman M-Treasure - a platform game, very similar to QL Cavern Match Point - a 3D Tennis Championship Game Metropolis - arcade game - overhead flying - similar to Citadel Pengi - A game set in the antarctic, where you play a penguin! QL Bounder - platform game similar to the popular Manic Miner on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum QL Meteor Storm - classic arcade game where you have to shoot up the meteors QL Quboids - platform game based on Lode Runner Arcade game Quazimodo - platform game - save Esmerelda from the tower Spook - faithful implementation of Pacman Vroom - Formula 1 Car Racing Game Zapper a shoot 'em up similar to space invaders Board Games Psion Chess - The original chess program for the QL, written by Richard Lang and launched by Psion (designers of the QL Quill, Archive, Abacus and Easel software). QL Reversi - A good implementation of the classic Othello Game. Text Adventures Dark Side of the Moon - Your mission here is to recapture a moonbase and mineral mine. Horrorday - Comic adventure based on the best tradition of hammer horror movies Lost Kingdom of Zkul - A realtime classic dungeons and dragons type adventure. QL Pawn - Famous text adventure by Magnetic Scrolls. Return to Eden - Text and Graphics adventure, which fills 3 disks - released before the Level 9 Adventure of the same name The Prawn - Spoof text adventure based on QL Pawn. West - A realtime text adventure where you play the role of a sheriff Screenshots can be enlarged by clicking on them, and we can supply many of the software titles on disk or microdrive if you have an old version that will no longer load (or if you have moved onto an emulator). Some of this software is still copy protected, so we would like to hear from anyone that has a working version without the copy protection, or is willing to work on the code to remove it. We are also looking for the following software titles, which we can then re-release on the QL market: Funfear - a text adventure by Martin Hopkins (Mert) TechniQL by Talent (I have copies but with copy protection still intact) PCB1 by Talent WIMP by Talent Strip Poker by Talent (I have copies but with copy protection still intact) Toolset by Talent The Lost Pharoah by Talent (I have copies but with copy protection still intact) Type 22 by Talent (I have copies but with copy protection still intact) Basic Ally by Talent Cuthbert in Space by Microdeal The King by Microdeal Crazy Painter by Microdeal Night Nurse by Microdeal Hopper by Microdeal Bridge by Microdeal Can anyone help with these titles?

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