Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome News for fans of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum DivIDE Plus We are pleased to say that we have now sourced a more reliable manufacturer for the DivIDE Plus interfaces, who can make them in bulk and have recently placed an order for 100 interfaces, as an initial batch. We expect the first ones to arrive in mid October, so keep your eye on our website, where we will publish details of availability and how to order: ZX Spectrum DivIDE Plus order page You will also note that we have made further improvements to the manual, with more details on some of the other firmware and also updated sections on ResiDOS. Just a small issue here is that we have probably have orders for at least 50 interfaces already, so we can see us placing an order for a further 100 interfaces quite soon!! Please don't forget that we can also supply the AY-Magic sound interfaces which work perfectly with the DivIDE Plus - see our Sinclair ZX Spectrum AY Magic sound interface page Just a reminder - the DivIDE Plus interface works with all ZX Spectrums (although there is an issue with the Portuguese ZX Spectrum+2 which apparently may be rectified by running a wire from the Z80 to the rear expansion port on the Spectrum). It enables the ZX Spectrum to load games instantly from Compact Flash card, or a hard disk. It has a wide range of firmwares available, to give plenty of options for loading and saving files, and has a through connector to allow you to connect to other peripherals. The AY Magic Sound interface allows standard 16K and 48K ZX Spectrums (rubber key and Spectrum+ versions) to play the AY sounds and music developed for the built in AY controller included in the later 128K version computers, which is included in some of the later games developed for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum .

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