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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Missing software for the Sinclair QL?

We have now amassed a large library of software titles for the Sinclair QL - much of it is unsuitable for second hand sales, as we only have the cartridges, with no manual or box.

However, we have started to preserve as much of the software as we can by storing it on our PC (with regular backups to the internet), and are updating the Sinclair QL Computer Wiki with details as we go.

We will then be able to make fresh working copies (on microdrive, disk or suitable for use with emulators) for those who can prove that they own the original software. We are also looking for the original copyright holders to contact us, so that we can hopefully bring some of this software back to the Sinclair QL market, either as commercial programs or as public domain.

The ones we have converted and tested to date are listed on the RWAP Software pages.


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