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This blog is intended to provide a discussion for all things linked with Sinclair computers (the ZX80, ZX81, Spectrum, QL and Cambridge Z88). RWAP Software provide support for all of these computers and we welcome your comments.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

We all know how difficult it can be when searching in Google to find which are live sites and which sites can actually sell you equipment, let alone finding that elusive bit of rare hardware or software.

We have therefore decided to launch which will help to bring buyers and traders together, by incorporating a dedicated auction website and a wiki to hold background information on the retro computer scene.

Anyone can list items in the dedicated categories, and traders can decide to open a webstore. Webstores form a place for traders to advertise their services and to form a web-presence, as well as developing their brand.

Traders have two options for advertising their wares / services:

  • They can open a webstore on for free and use it just to link back to their site, so it forms a free advert. Any items which they choose to list on will be subject to the normal listing and final value fees.
  • They can pay a monthly subscription for a webstore (£5 per month), which entitles them to 50% off all listing and final value fees.

This allows even small user groups, magazines or public domain sites to advertise their own sites free of charge. The only thing we ask is that your content is relevant to retro computers and games consoles. is currently in development and will be launched in June 2009, so keep your eyes open for news.


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