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Monday, January 19, 2009

This is to let people know that we can now offer a range of spares from our website ( and have a small stock of external disk drives for use with your QL. Spares range from replacement chips and Minerva ROMs to replacement QL top casings (unused) and power supplies.

Second Hand items for sale:

Amongst other things, our star buys have to be

· 2 x Super Gold Cards,

· an Aurora Motherboard

· an internal eZ-Drive (135MB removal hard disk) for use with QubIDE

We will also be listing some special rare items on ebay over the next few weeks – see:

At the moment, we currently have listed (amongst other things):

- an Issue 2 Sinclair QL motherboard

- an Issue 5 Sinclair QL motherboard, still uncut, as though it is straight from the production line

- an external keyboard interface which plugs into the ROM port (or at least that is what it appears to be!)

- a set of One per Desk microdrives

- Internal 256K memory expansion board

- Quest Expansion 256K Memory Card (probably one of the most expensive QL add-ons ever made!)


Don’t forget the QL’s 25th Anniversary workshop and show being held by Quanta on 18th – 19th April, in Coventry -

See us at Byte-Back 2009, at Stoke-on-Trent (7th-8th March) -

Any questions, please ask.

Rich Mellor


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