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Monday, June 30, 2008

Spectrum Parts etc

We now have the following parts for sale for a Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer:

  • 2 x boxed Currah U-Slots (enable you to connect two devices to the Spectrum's expansion port). Cost £6 each plus p&p
  • A boxed microdrive expansion kit (ZX Interface 1, ZX Microdrive unit, network lead, connector and manual) - box is in poor condition unfortunately - £55 for the set (plus p&p of course)
  • Several new and unused Sinclair ZX Microdrive units complete with sellophane wrapper on the top £25 each
  • Sinclair ZX Microdrive connectors (fly leads and hard connectors) £10 each
  • 2 x boxed RAM Turbo Spectrum Joystick interfaces (with ROM slot, through connector, reset switch and two joystick ports) £8 each
  • A SPRINT tape recorder for the ZX Spectrum, manufactured by Challenge Research - it enables tapes to load at higher speed - plugs into the standard expansion port and is rare. Offers please.
Also in stock:
  • 100 x 3.5" 720K DSDD Floppy disks (new, unopened) - ideal for retro computers. £10 for a set of 10 disks plus post and packing.
  • The Original Xerox 6R90268 Black Toner for the Xerox 8825 / 9930 A0 Laser Engineering Drawing Printers.
  • 2 x Epson Stylus Colour 850 inkjet printers
  • 1 x HP Deskjet 720c Colour inkjet printer
  • 1 x HP Laserjet 4 Laser Printer
  • 1 x Tecktronix Phaser 850DP Solid Ink Printer
  • 1 x OKI C9500 A3 colour Laser printer with duplexing unit
  • 4 x Paper support trays for the Epson Stylus Colour inkjet printers (£5 each)

For more details on the printers etc - view our Second Hand Printers Page

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