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Friday, November 16, 2007

News In Time for Christmas

  1. Things are indeed looking up - we are hoping to clear the backlog of DivIDE Plus orders by Christmas (20 units on their way from Poland - 16th November, with another 20 soon to follow).
  2. We have reduced the price of our popular Competition Pro Joystick for all retro computers with a 9 pin DIN socket - it is now only £12.50 plus p&p.
  3. Sinclair QL owners will be fighting to get their hands on the latest Super Gold Card - one only and priced at £250, this could be your last chance of getting one as they have not been made in many years and the parts are obsolete.
  4. We now have a small stock of brand new ZX Microdrive Cartridges - £2.50 each plus p&p
  5. We can now also supply the fly leads to connect ZX Microdrive Units to the ZX Interface 1 - at only £10 plus p&p, they are jet black as per the original.
Keep your eyes out for more news as it becomes available and lets hope for a Happy Christmas.

Visit our website RWAP Software for more details on these and other retro computing goodies.


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