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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Review of 2006
This year has been quite successful for our various businesses:

We have sold over 200 keyboard membranes for the ZX Spectrum and Sinclair QL computers and been able to add PlusD floppy disk interfaces to our catalogue of hardware and software for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. We are now short of external floppy disk drives to meet the demand.

We have also expanded our range of websites (adding 2 more - a site detailing Online Lottery Syndicate Systems and one providing Advice on Setting up an Internet Business to the stable). Our site dedicated to the Sinclair computers (RWAP Software) has also seen a revamp, as well as new sections on the ICL One Per Desk Computer.

In the last quarter of the year, we have been working closely with a hardware designer in Poland to design a new version of the divIDE hard disk interface for the ZX Spectrum, and it is hoped to launch this in 2007. This should prove very popular with around 20 pre-orders received already.

One of the big sellers this year has been our ever-popular ADSL./DSL Line filter, which more and more people are reporting is resolving their problem with ADSL broadband and telephones that do not ring.

On the down side, we have now exhausted our supplies of Epson Stylus Colour 850 Inkjet printers which leaves us unable to meet the needs of a growing number of customers who seek inkjet printers capable of printing plain text and with a parallel port.

At least users of the QPC2 Sinclair QL emulator for Windows have access to QPCPrint which works well to allow access to the latest printers, and those able to run their program in a DOS box under Windows can utilise the Printfil utility in a similar way.

The other problem area for Sinclair QL users is the lack of any high end expansion cards for the Sinclair QL (the Gold Card and Super Gold Card previously sold by Miracle Systems of York). There is a sever shortage of these cards, although we are considering investigating a new production run, if there is sufficient interest bearing in mind the anticipated cost of around £250.

Finally, we have almost exhausted our stock of new microdrive units and Cambridge Z88 computers - thankyou to all those who have purchased these over the past couple of years.

Looking Forward to 2007
What will 2007 have in store for Sinclair users?

2007 is the 25th anniversary of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, so we would like to celebrate in style.

We continue to investigate the possibility of getting some replacement keyboard face plates made for the original rubber key Spectrum and hope to be able to start selling the new divIDE hard disk interface at the end of January.

Software continues to be developed for the Spectrum and Sinclair QL computers, although it is mainly now all public domain or freeware. The lack of new killer applications will not help the existing traders to survive. However there remains a strong band of enthusiasts, always willing to help either community and to help recycle the ever present list of second hand items for sale.

Hopefully 2007 will see us in a new base of operations with more room for stock and better working environment.

Finally, we would like to wish all of our customers and colleagues a very Happy and Prosperous New Year


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